About us

 İŞKAR MAKİNA SAN.DIŞ TİC.LTD.ŞTİ., was established by Murat İşkar has become today's customer demands and technological developments.

With advanced technological machinery to meet customer demand quickly and accurately has become our most important mission.In this way, competitive conditions and the economic volatility, it is a fact of Turkey's economy is provided to maintain the continuity of growth momentum has continued with success.Increase the quality of Turkish goods in the world market demand, and a little more with each passing day, our company serves the national market and is rapidly becoming the largest in Turkey.

Our company's main activity; 6 head internal grinding machine, single head sanding machines inside the pot, cover jamming machines, cutting machines skirt Pot, Tea Pot sleeve cutting machine, internal grinding machine, kettle, outer body polishing machine, polishing machines, tea pot and cover the pot, Coffee Pot automatic trimming machine, polishing, exterior polishing machine, Coffee Pot, Coffee Pot floor sanding machine, Teflon lathe machine, bending machine, production line, machine, and the pressure is.

Our company and its present position as continuity, trust, owes its fast service and customer satisfaction. With this understanding, which will hopefully go ahead with our valued customers.

Our vision, our goals, without the requirements of a foreign, Sunday by maximizing customer satisfaction and preparing future ourselves, get to goal progress ...

The best references are our customers ....

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Mission & Vision

Reason for the existence of our company and for our customers, which produced values ​​that define our mission; 
By providing customer-centric system solutions to our customers anytime and anywhere fast, high quality, affordable services to offer. 
Wants to build the future of our company and our company aims to reach the point where our vision is to express; 
The correct address is to move forward with our customers. 
What makes our company unique set of beliefs and cultural characteristics that define the character of our company, our values ​​are representing; 
We are customer-oriented, reliable, experienced, innovative, responsible and dedicated. Our strength and our success is our concrete steps.

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